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Why You Shouldn’t Use “Markdown” for Documentation

What is AsciiDoc? Why do we need it?

AsciiDoc is two things:

  1. A mature[1], plain-text writing format for authoring notes, articles, documentation, books, ebooks, web pages, slide decks, blog posts, man pages and more.
  2. A text processor and toolchain for translating AsciiDoc documents into various formats (called backends), including HTML, DocBook, PDF and ePub[2].

[1] AsciiDoc is over a decade old. It was first introduced in 2002.

[2] There are two implementations of the AsciiDoc processor. The original processor, named AsciiDoc, is written in Python. A more modern implementation, named Asciidoctor, is written in Ruby.

Asciidoctor :


Comment Asciidoctor peut vous aider pour votre doc (Jérémie Bresson) : Devoxx2016

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