Outils veille techno

divers - veille techno outils



veille en push sur les projets

sibbel (projets github)


se base sur les stars et les watchs du compte github associé.

Peut rater des updates si les maintainers utilisent le système de release puis l'abandonnent.

libraries.io (packages registries)


Surveille les registry pour check les packages déposés.

liens outils online

www.thoughtworks.com/radar : site proposant un radar des technos pour la veille techno (maj annuelle)


Software advice from Dr. Gleb Bahmutov PhD

The Clean Code Blog by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)


See what the GitHub community is most excited about today.




grad data from github repos

bestof.js.org weekly newsletter

Get the latest JS rankings in your inbox every week

Fun Fun Function

JavaScript scene on medium.com

Dan Abramov on medium.com


online books

2016 frontend handbook

2017 frontend handbook

2018 frontend handbook

frontend guide

skills and technos lists

sindresorhus awesome lists



google dev fundamentals


How I stay up-to-date as a Developer : hackernoon.com

How to become a better hacker : glebbahmutov.com : 20160127

Web Development in 2017

  • Frontend Development

    • the "App" model is on the decline
    • technology and ecosystem is there now for ambitious SPA frontends
    • 3 major frameworks (Vue.js, React and Angular)
    • frontend can then compile it into native mobile apps
  • Backend Development

    • scale up and down on demand (swarm)
    • serverless, or Function-as-a-Service (FaaS)
  • Language Choices

    • Javascript nowadays is not merely a language, but the web application platform
    • plenty of languages to choose from, all of them transpiling to javascript at the end of the day
    • NoSQL document db are rising because they are just json-storage in the eyes of backend dev and it is a lot easier to manage then LAMP stacks
  • The Future

    • a single team of node.js backend developers can satisfy all your backend needs
    • still can’t fully believe it by myself (used to hate javascript, loving Elixir and Rust), but I must reiterate it again: JS has won


Stackoverflow hottest questions

Stackoverflow survey 2018

Hacker news



Accelerate - Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble and Gene Kim - 20180327

Scientific study giving results and methodology about the puppet.com states of Devops from 2014 to 2017 (the books authors contributed to theses studies)

Martin Fowler preface

The state of devops 2017 - puppet.com

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