javascript - testing - debug in webstorm

debug js in webstorm

To debug javascript code in Webstorm via karma with Jasmine.

prepare Karma


The Karma website

config Karma

A simple karma.conf.js file generated with the karma command line tool is ok. Like this and this

prepare Webstorm and a browser

A browser is needed to execute js. Using Chrome we need a JetBrains plugin

Now create a Karma configuration in webstorm with the "Run/Debug Configurations" window. It is needed to tell Webstorm the karma.conf.js file to pick.

running a test

Select karma in the run/debug config combo box. Keep the unit test source code file selected in WS. Add some breakpoints. Clic on the debug button (or MAJ + F9)


Video ressources

short vid (5mins) with basics

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