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npm/registry :

A public issue repo for the npm registry team. - explore online

need the package name in the path :<package-name>/


unpkg (unpkg -

The CDN for everything on npm


this guy would like to avoid using registry because he is annoying when wanting a particular package version not put by the package owner into the npm registry. He would prefer npm as a fin layer on the top of github (like bower does). Comments are worth to read.



One of the first package manager for the web (only for frontend projects).

It is at the end of his life. The bower team recommands using yarn and webpack.



Yarn is not a new package manager, it is just a new CLI built on top of the npm registry. He behave differently then npm CLI. This was really true before npm published @5.y.z version of npm CLI.

Yarn is developed by some Google and Facebook devs.

Diff w/ npm CLI (see npm-vs-yarn : 20170313 :

  • parallelized downloads (so yarn is faster)
  • deterministic with yarn.lock file (it is npm shrinkwrap autoexec, it is same as package.lock from npm@5.y.z)
  • ...

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