javascript - tools - auto deps update

automated dependencies updates

Theses tools analyze your repository package.json (monorepo are supported) file(s) and open PR/MR to update deps.



github and npm support only

german company



GitHub, GitLab (APIv4) and VSTS

released in 2017

Renovate is a project that started as a internal script, evolved to an open source project, and now is available as a GitHub App.

The GitHub App and this website are hosted by Key Location, a company owned by Rhys Arkins, incorporated in Singapore since April 2014.



Automated pull requests for all dependencies

A single service for managing all of your dependencies.

  • Any language, any framework
  • Built on open-source
  • Version content discovery
  • Docker containers
  • A platform for developers
  • One unified system

Lowering prices for - - 20171116

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