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ronami/minipack -

A simplified example of a modern module bundler written in JavaScript

The purpose of this project is to explain how most bundlers work under the hood. It contains a short implementation of a simplified but still reasonably accurate bundler. Along with the code, there are comments explaining what the code is trying to achieve.

webpack - concepts

  • Entry : An entry point indicates which module webpack should use to begin building out its internal dependency graph
  • Output : The output property tells webpack where to emit the bundles it creates and how to name these files.
  • Loaders : Loaders allow webpack to process other types of files (other then .js) and convert them into valid modules.
  • Plugins : Plugins can be leveraged to perform a wider range of tasks like bundle optimization, asset management and injection of environment variables. - concepts/modules

webpack articles

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webpack tools

Theses tools uses the webpack stats API, usage is $ webpack --profile --json > compilation-stats.json

webpack-visualizer -





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