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what it is ?

a javascript task runner (like ant) used to build app

getting started

A typical setup will involve adding two files to your project: package.json and the Gruntfile.

package.json: This file is used by npm to store metadata for projects published as npm modules. You will list grunt and the Grunt plugins your project needs as devDependencies in this file.

Gruntfile: This file is named Gruntfile.js or and is used to configure or define tasks and load Grunt plugins.

IntelliJ integration

grunt tasks list

grunt-contrib-connect This task launch a local webserver

manage template in html

Exemple :

grunt.file.copy('src/' + filename + '.html', + '/index.html', {
  process: function (contents, path) {
    return grunt.template.process(contents, {
      data: {
        baseRef: base,
        scripts: jsFiles,
        styles: cssFiles,
        version: grunt.config('pkg.version'),
        date:"yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM"),
        build: grunt.config('pkg.buildnumber')

<%= baseRef %> inside html template

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