GIT - workflow

git - workflow

differents sources for brainstorming

The main important one, which is "devops compatible" : Understanding the GitHub Flow

others workflows

git workflow list

opensource contrib on github

How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub

  • Introduction to GitHub 0:47
  • Exploring GitHub 1:47
  • Exploring a Repository 4:07
  • How to install Git SCM 2:15
  • How to authenticate with GitHub using SSH 3:34
  • Identifying How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub 2:15
  • How to Fork and Clone a GitHub Repository 2:41
  • Setting up the project locally 1:18
  • How to create a Pull Request on GitHub 6:19
  • How to Collaborate on a Pull Request on GitHub 2:21
  • How to update a Pull Request on GitHub 2:57
  • How to rebase a git Pull Request branch 3:39
  • How to squash multiple git commits 2:53
  • Getting a Pull Request Merged and Wrapping up 1:13

merging strategy

Dilemne avec worklow git et intégration continue - - 2016

In a CI strategy you can merge in master at the start of the day to prevent painful merges at a later time. In a synchronization point strategy you only merge in from well defined points in time, for example a tagged release.

synchronization point strategy

Based on an email from Linus Torvalds about merging strategy for linux dev.


Goals : I want clean history, but that really means (a) clean and (b) history.

  • People can (and probably should) rebase their private trees (their own work). That's a cleanup.
  • But never other peoples code. That's a "destroy history".
  • Keep your own history readable
  • Don't expose your crap.
  • Don't merge upstream (ie : pull) code at random points.
  • Don't merge downstream (ie : push) code at random points either.

Continuous Integration strategy

Based on Martin Fowler quotes in gitlab documentation.

If your feature branches commonly take more than a day of work, look into ways to create smaller units of work and/or use feature toggles.

  • merge your work every day
  • pull others work every day
  • CI oriented
  • painless merge
  • easier for devs to handle
  • feature flipping is mandatory to be able to deliver a clean product
  • more difficult for dev to handle

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